Welcome to the new Well Inked Tattoo Website

30 November 2016 Off By admin7754
Welcome to the new Well Inked Tattoo Website
Well Inked Tattoo
Hi there and welcome to the new website for Well Inked Tattoo & Piercing Studio based in Warrington, England. 
About Well Inked Tattoo Parlour

Well Inked opened it’s doors in January 2010 , Claire Berry 30 from Padgate was previously tattooing for 10 yrs, before that she had attended University doing an Animation course her intensions were to get into Disney Character design, Claire first started drawing at 3yrs of age drawing a range of Disney characters, she perfected this technique at the age of 6yrs and has been drawing portraits, Characters and Animals ever since,

Claire got into tattooing by designing tattoos at the age of 13yrs while she was at high school and collage later on, She also has many other hobbies such as puppet making and is even dabbling in sculptures and Airbrushing. Claire can design custom tattoos as well as pierce.

Her father Keith Berry helped Claire set up Well Inked “it wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’’t there as my back bone for the company”.

You’’ll see Claire’s family popping into the parlour helping out with various shop duties.

Claire has been in the local newspaper, if you click on the image of her tattooing it will take you to the article.

We hope this gave you a little insight into Claire’s life and how and why she became a tattooist and opened her own shop.

We hope to see you soon…..